Last day, some rashes appeared on my hands and belly. I have never seen such rashes in my life, so decided to see a doctor. I thought that it would be some sort of allergy.  The thing with the doctors especially around here is that, they just prescribe drugs and never talk about the disease or reason. As a patient, I always like to know what I’m eating the medicine for.

I’m gonna tell you what you should do when you find yourself in such situations.

  • Ask the doctor. I know people put unnecessary trust on doctors. From my experience, mostly the doctor guess what’s happening with you. Ask them.
  • Google the drugs before having it. Googling it will tell you what it’s used to treat for, the dosages, side effects and everything you need to know about it. There is a good chance that you might get to know the name of your disease.
  • Mine was for bacterial Infection. Dicloxacillin is an anti-bio-tic used to treat skin affecting bacteria. And Google told me that.
  • Never miss the side effects section, always read it any matter what. What happened with me was, I never had any reaction to any medicines so far in my life, so I avoided reading it. Turned out that I happened to have every single side effect of the drug that I had. Fever, Body pain, Diarrhea, loss of appetite, Nauseousness,  Stomach ache… what not. I got them all from a very common anti-bio-tic drug.
  • Make sure that the drug is safe to have. There are some situations when you are not supposed to eat some medicines. If you already have any condition (pregnant, heart disease allergy etc… ), make sure that the doctor gets to know about it.

It’s not cool to go to a doctor for some really silly rashes and get all the “common diseases” package on the way back.  People should be more aware of the chemicals they eat. Make sure you teach yourself about the prescription drugs you have. Some information never hurts!

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