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The Misty Mountains

The Misty Mountains

Thursday, 23rd January 2k14.These days its really tough to get up. Especially with my stupid not-so-healthy life style and because of the cold. If it was something…

joetalkin January 26, 2014

Random Thoughts

Well, this post is basically about nothing, today I just felt like typing, just typing... Its just my random thoughts... random. Well, I am a bit crazy, believes…

joetalkin July 17, 2013
Why I find coding awesome

Why I find coding awesome

 I have seen some people out here in my college, looking at me with an awe. I often hear the questions, “How did you get so good at programming?” or “How…

joetalkin May 6, 2013

Revolution 2020

I just finished reading the novel, 'Revolution 2020' by Chethan Bhagath. It's the story of 3 friends - Raghav, Gopal and Aarthi. As usual the author has put it…

joetalkin May 4, 2013

Worst Days

The most waited days was just round the corner- The Arts, 3 days of fun, rocking and festival.. UTSAV '13 but unfortunately all three days were the worstest of the…

joetalkin April 21, 2013

Bye 2012, I had an awesome time with you!

Now, less than an hour into New Year, its raining here... Raining hard! Unlike all the years, 2012 is really, oh.. sorry, 'was' really important to me, Its the…

joetalkin January 1, 2013

BCK 13

 Its my first Barcamp. Although I had heard about It a lot I never got a chance to go. On 14th November, I waited for my Friend, Arun Basil Lal, In the bus…

joetalkin November 5, 2012

Crazy, Am I?

People say i am crazy Yes, I am! They can't see things with my eyes They wanna be serious! Perfectionists!Lets say i have my reasons.. Things I cant tell you…

joetalkin October 20, 2012

King Mahabali pines for the lost spirit of Onam

I found a very interesting article in 'The Hindu' And i just cant keep myself from blogging it !! Its written by Sukumaran C VDear readers, I am Mahabali who…

joetalkin August 26, 2012


Sometimes I feel lonely so lonely that I cant sleep Sometimes I fell so lonely that I cry out at night.....Why is it aching inside? Who am i missing a lot? My…

joetalkin July 9, 2012


Why does it have to hurt inside ? Why do i have to cry each night ? I think i have to walk on by , Cuz' i am starting to lose my sight.What is it…

joetalkin June 27, 2012


Wait, wait, wait .... Before reading this let me make you one thing clear - exact meaning of weirdest pictures - A picture which means nothing, But makes you giggle…

joetalkin May 18, 2012


The Budda said,"  You are god yourself  ". Jesus taught us that 'the kingdom of god is within you' and even promised us " the works i can do you can do .... and…

joetalkin April 2, 2012

HACKING:My Experiments With Computer 1

I am so disappointed with what the world considers about hackers. Come on guys ... They are good people, most of them including me .Hackers are people who commit…

joetalkin April 1, 2012