About Me

I realized pretty early on that I liked to work with my hands. From messing around with old clocks that didn’t work to creating projects for the science fair, I was born to be an engineer. My whole world changed when I was 17 and I saw my first “Hello World!” on a computer screen. Computers have taken over my life and coding is my passion. Currently working full time at Teezonic Creative Studios LLP which I co-founded, I am also on the path to making another start-up, now named Q2 Point. I love working on multiple side projects at a time.
I am an audiophile and huge gadget lover.
I write a lot, most of which is kept here
I love traveling, and a cross country road trip remains as one of my biggest dreams.

Work Experience

2012 - 2013
Worked as a freelance WordPress developer for about an year and half till WordPress started rolling out visual customizes.
UI/UX Dev Intern @ Csnipp
A Ruby on Rails based start up from Kochi, Kerala where I worked on the UI/UX of their product called csnipp, and fell in love with rails.
2015 - Present
Director @ Teezonic Digital Makers Pvt Ltd.
Teezonic Digital Makers is a digital marketing company that I co-founded. I head the development here.

My Scribbles

Hyderabad Diaries.

Solo Train Journeys are fun. In its own way. You get to see people, talk with them, learn about them, which is pretty cool. I saw this guy at Aluwye railway station,…

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