About Me

I realized pretty early on that I liked to work with my hands. From messing around with old clocks that didn’t work to creating projects for the science fair, I was born to be an engineer. My whole world changed when I was 17 and I saw my first “Hello World!” on a computer screen. Computers have taken over my life and coding is my passion. Currently working full time at Teezonic Digital Makers Pvt Ltd. which I co-founded. I love working on multiple side projects at a time.
I am an audiophile and huge gadget lover.
I write a lot, most of which is kept here
I love traveling, and a cross-country road trip remains as one of my biggest dreams.

Work Experience

2012 - 2013
Worked as a freelance WordPress developer for about an year and half till WordPress started showing up with visual page builders.
UI/UX Dev Intern @ Csnipp
A Ruby on Rails based start up from Kochi, Kerala where I worked on the UI/UX of their product called csnipp, and fell in love with rails.
2015 - Present
Director @ Teezonic Digital Makers Pvt Ltd.
Teezonic Digital Makers is a digital marketing company that I co-founded. I head the development here.

My Scribbles

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