Hello World, I’m Jyothis Joy. This is one of my spaces in the internet. And officially, welcome. Hope you are doing good. And if you are not, don’t worry budd, everything’s alright. So, Who am I exactly?Jyothis Joy is the dude who wants to do big things in life, someone who wants to climb the mountain not for the world to see him, but for him to see the world. A typical warrior of Light cm’ Mallu. I have done good things, bad things, fought wars, loved someone, cheated someone, got cheated by someone, felt lonely, felt high, ditched someone, had fun, got ditched, learned to let go…Well, the ride was good so far. Traveled a lot of roads. more I go deep, feels like there is even more to travel. I have been through some good, some sad, some bad and some fun roads.
And what ever I stumble onto, I kinda keep it here. Like a memory bank, some place i can come back and look back. Oh, no, its not a personal diary. Its public, people. And of-course I have given a fare share to my personal dairy. I thought some people should make use of it some how. So, its kinda knowledge sharing too.

How I got here?

I had a usual childhood. Things turned bad when I grew up, As a kid, we all want to grow up so fast and after we grow up, we wish if we could undo all the growing up. And the same story, blah.. blah.. but things were worse for me till my Birthday on June 22nd, 2012. The day that changed my life. I was sitting in the dark, on the fields early morning 2.00 AM. I used to go for rides on the bike at night, mostly alone. And that day, it rained, badly. After when the sky got cleared, I saw a million stars, and everything around me was shining. It is one of the most beautiful things I have ever seen. And then, I felt as if all the things in my life came to that point. A quick flash back and then everything went blank and then it never came back. I was numb, cold and super wet when I got back home. I was a clean slate. I could draw anything.
And now when i look back, I cant see anything before that day. Nothing. Except for a very few good memories. And now, what I am, is all cuz of that one point. After that, I went on to start two blogs, travel alone, code in 7 languages and co-found a company. And I’m still 20. Things seems to be nice but hard. Although, I should say that I lost a lot of things that night. A lot of bad things and some good things that i wish i had.
I was reborn that day. And still it feels awesome. And I think I’m no longer part of Dogma or any other rat races. But still I can’t say I still have my financial freedom. I’m super broke. I think all the entrepreneurs are when they start off.
There is only one secret of life, success and everything that we come across in our life.
“Life is one, Live it. Live it like there is no other day. And no matter who says what, just trust your heart, that guy knows who you are and what you wanna be and what you will be. He is like a visionary. The guy who knows everything.”
Oh, And one piece of advice. No matter who or what comes into your life. Family and friends come first. You might be able to write a good story about yourself. But that story is not just about you. Its about  other characters too.
Well, do read my stories and if found good, share it too. And don’t forget to shake hands with me. Nice meeting ya!