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2019 & New Beginnings

It’s been a year since I have written anything here. But there is so much that has happened over a year. So much that there was no time to write or read. So this is what happened. Last year by January, Teezonic’s financials started to take a dip. We shed the entire workforce by February. The same time though, we were approached by a plausible investor. We moved to a place that belonged to the investor by March. By April, it was just me, Usama and Binu, who did all the work. A company that absolutely needs a minimum of 7 people to run, run by 2 or 3 people.

And then something interesting happened. I quit Teezonic. Crazy, isn’t it? Quitting the very company that you built especially when investors are ready to be onboard. Like you, everyone where awestruck. We used to be a really good team. Reasons were many, but the core issue was just one. You might have heard this before. It has appeared in Harry Potter, Charlie Chaplin, and many others.

If you want to know what a man’s like, take a good look at how he treats his inferiors, not his equals.

Things in Teezonic changed over the months. People change. And when the people behind an idea change, the idea changes too. If you deliver late, so will your company. If you do everything at the last moment, so will your company. If you do not respect, neither will your company. For me, after all, I value certain things in life more than money. Things like respect and honour. When your co-founder simply fails to respect people, your companies’ reputation is on the line, and in turn, yours too. When your co-founder does not pick calls because they ‘do not bring in value’, your company turns evil. I didn’t want to be associated with evil any more. Now, this is just only one part of it.

Employees don’t leave Companies, they leave Managers


Like I said, we used to be a great team. But we started losing one after the other, one by one, over the time, without any reason or cuz of stupid reasons, I thought it was their problem. But, only a fool will believe that it’s their problem, after when you realize that the only variable here is the people who handle them. I realized this when our photographer took a half day leave and never returned. Soon, I learned that my co-founder turned into a King Kong, Superman, and Taskmaster, all together, as if one wasn’t enough. I guess, after all, you cannot blame them for leaving when their boss turns out to be Self-Righteous, Narcissist, and Hypocritic. My mistake? I stood by and watched thinking he was sane.

I still miss them. They were family. One that I never asked for, but the ones I always had my back.

And on the 28th of August 2018, I had enough, the day I reached my breaking point. and felt like, I had enough. I packed my bags, ignition on and drove away. Never felt better. Still, quitting a company as a director comes with its own burden, when you have to share the liabilities of the company. So, all those talks did continue till December of 2018.

After quitting, I didn’t work for over a month. I was broke AF. I didn’t know what I was gonna do. But then, everything came together. Life was suddenly better than ever before. A lot of people who were apart came back. I was able to connect with a lot of people whom I couldn’t because I was busy before. Later on, Bajpan came back with his idea of KloudBoy, maybe, just maybe, this might be the start of something new. Something so damn cool. I felt that adrenaline rush after a while.

PepperLand, Anakulam

In June, after much contemplation and hard work, PepperLand, a cottage deep inside Idukki was started off by my dad. It was meant to be a summer home for us when it started but ended up building a four bedroom, two-story building able to host up to 35 people. As well as a place to camp nera the river as well. There I felt peace, where time is so slow and feels like an eternity to spend a couple of days. There is no cell coverage, the nearest town is 40 km away. (In Kerala, that’s a huge distance.) I visit as much as I can, clear my mind out, come back to civilization. I’m quite lucky to have that property there. You can book from the packages here

I have learned quite a huge deal the last year. There is a lot of things that I haven’t written here. Simply cuz, one post won’t be enough. It is no fun, to take a huge life-altering decision, to quit the company that you built. But right now, 6 months past, it just feels so right, it was simply one of the best decisions I have ever made! The only thing that I can do now, is looking forward, moving forward.

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