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Valkriye, The Wolf – Getting Inked

Wolf is a very mystical creature. It has been used over and over in history to represent strength, loyalty and love. They thrive in very harsh conditions. The wolf survives because of its pack. A bond that is much stronger than anything else. In the wise words of the Starks,

“When the snows fall and the white winds blow, the lone wolf dies, but the pack survives,”

On the 18th of February 2019, I got inked. It was quite a sudden decision. Neeraja wanted to get a ‘Breathe’ tattoo. We were with our friends Snoopy & Anula. We just decided to go. Ended up at Restless Monkey Clan. When I reached there, I just wanted the tattoo and nothing else. I have been looking into a lot of them on Pinterest. So, I ended up getting it. It took almost 3 hours under the needle to get it done. It’s a lot more detailed, hence the time.

So, What Does My Tattoo Mean?

The wolf itself is geometric, symmetrical lines forming a very sleek yet powerful wolf. Not only are geometric tattoos stylish, but it also represents the nerd in me. It stands for what I have always felt for my squad, my family. They come first. The pack is the most important thing to me. The Wolf, lovingly named Valkyrie, is also supposed to shed light on the journey that is life. It protects me and my pack.

Valkyrie converges into a sharp triangular mountain. The mountain is all about travel, which I live for! Travel is the second most important thing in my life. Also, considering my deep connections with Anakulam, and how the mountains look like Anakulam, there is a rumour on the name of the tattoo – #WolfOfAnakulam (Shhh…! I started that rumour)


Well, while this particular one is quite a widely available design, it’s only part of something bigger. Ever played FarCry? I was always intrigued by how your tattoos grow when your skills increase in the game. Valkyrie fills out only a little part of my back. There is so much more to come. Probably pretty soon. The tattoos will grow, so will this blog post.

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