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The Fascinating South India Backpacking

Why Do It

Remember how summers used to last forever when we were kids? After we start to grow up, things began to pick up phase, before you knew it four years of your college feels like two years & by the time you are working, years feel like months. “Life Is Short” – This is something everyone tells you but you never realize until you are older. This realisation struck me a couple of weeks ago. Up until 2017, I used to feel complete with whatever I did in life. Things changed later, I stopped travelling altogether, other than small rides with guys and a couple of treks.

I became busy with things in life especially Teezonic, the company I built, which turned out to be toxic. It became the very evil that I was scared off. And then last week I decided to change things for good. Hence, I set out to backpack again.

What Happened.

22nd August 2019 – Thursday.

I woke late, basically cuz I stayed up all night ranger rolling the teeshirts & packing the backpack. I was supposed to meet a couple of friends at Trissur. I took the bus to Thrissur at noon. My first KSRTC ride after 2 years. On the way, I checked out some hostels at Mysore, my first destination and booked tickets to Mysore from Thrissur. I planned nothing for the trip. I only knew where to go next. After an hour and a half, @bajpan.gosh picked me up from KSRTC Bus Station and visited @XeoScript. I went to meet at @Richards. He is awesome with his electronics skills… The guy spends all day in-front of Arduino UNOs and 3D printing prototypes. And other times makes awesome cinematographic content. At midnight, he dropped me at the KSRTC bus station, where my bus was supposed to arrive at 12:00. It was late by an hour.

23rd August 2019 – Friday

The bus was a little uncomfortable, unlike the other SCANIAs I have normally been in. Probably cuz the roads were bad. Anyways, it was almost impossible to sleep after 7:00 AM cuz of the sun. I only slept for a few hours, which left me tired. After reaching Mysore bus station, I took an Auto to The Bunkers Ashram. I already called them upfront, and the host Bharat was quite welcoming. The hostel costs ₹400/person/day for the dorm. After freshening up, I went breakfast hunting. Although I walked around a bit, the only thing I found was a small bakery nearby… Turns out a couple of Malayalees run it. We chit chatted for a while, I wanted to know how to roam around the city. I ended up having two teas and egg puffs. Simple budget-friendly breakfast. After getting back, I had a little work to do, which I did & had a good chat with Bharat, we talked about The Great Flood of 2018 and politics. After a little bit, a Japanese guy – Takoyaki checked in. We introduced ourselves, he is a university student from Indonesia, currently pursuing a course on Indonesian – the language. He flew out to meet a friend here who has been travelling India for a couple of weeks. After a while, we decided to go get lunch & then visit the Mysore Palace.

I only have vague memories of the palace from when I was 7 or 9 years old. It was built by the Wadiyar Dynasty in 1912. Read all about Mysore Palace in Wiki.

After that, we returned back to our hostel, we both were tired and slept off. We were supposed to go out for food, but we woke up at 10PM. We ordered a small burger on Swiggy and made our peace with it.

24th August 2019 – Saturday.

I woke up late since I stayed up all night working and writing. By 11 AM. Takoyaki took off to meet his friend. And I like the day before went to have tea and egg puffs. After that, I worked for a bit, chatted with Bharat & Manali, who works at The Bunkers Ashram. By 3:00 PM, I head out to eat and leave to Brindavan Gardens. I ate a really nice masala dosa. Food is the most difficult thing to sort out as a travelling Malayalee. Even though you are fine with anything, sometimes, you just can’t get to like sweet sambar. And everyone put coriander leaves in everything! After that, I walked to the City Bus Station, took the 303 bus (after the advice from the information centre) It takes 40 minutes to get there.

The KRS Dam is incredibly long. I got there, & bought tickets which cost 20 bucks. I get in and at the security point, you have to show what’s inside the bag, and the policemen found my action camera and they were amazed by it. We talked for a few minutes about the camera & showed some videos and photos I took. I got in and proceeded to take some pictures. Later you have to cross a small walkway to get to the other side of the garden, there are a few fountains there and also, the Musical dancing water thingy… I was there by 5.30, an hour and a half before it began. More people came while I was chilling. But, by the time, it started, all my excitement was gone. It wasn’t much of anything really. The dancing water musical whatever is just not cool enough, I think people should see how it’s done in WonderLa Kochi. I watched it only for 5 minutes and took off. I somehow managed to get a tea, the entire place was filled with people. I got into the 303 bus back to Mysore. And got back to the hostel. Tried to sleep early, to catch the early train to Banglore.

Why End It

I tried to update everything via Instagram and this post. Honestly, it wasn’t doing me any favour. The more I posted the more I felt far from the pleasure of travelling. So, I travelled for one more week, maybe I will write about it later. But for now, this is it. [norebro_gallery images_size=”Large” hide_overlay=”1″ masonry_grid=”1″ columns=”2-2-2-1″ content_images=”5646437,5646436,5646435,5646434,5646433,5646432,5646442,5646443″]

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