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The South Indian Ride – Part 6

On May 5th, 2022, I packed up and headed south after spending a while in Goa. My friends had already boarded the train to Mookambika Road. They are one of the most amazing bunch of people I have met, and we all met during a

The South Indian Ride – Part 5

Embarking on the relatively short journey from Gokarna to South Goa, a mere 120 kilometers away, I felt no rush to start early. My recent experiences in Gokarna had left me somewhat frazzled, compounded by the need to repair my bike’s seat and mirror. Upon

The South Indian Ride – Part 4

Hampi turned out to be more fun than I imagined considering how hot it was. I come from a more tropical region, but, man! it was hot! After exploring most of Hampi, it was time to hit the next destination. As I get out of

The South Indian Ride – Part 3

From Chikmagalur, I wasn’t sure where to go to – Shivamogga or Hampi, when it comes to the next place to go. Considering that the western ghats are beautiful in Monsoon and there won’t be much to watch in the summer, I decided to go

The South Indian Ride – Part 2.

17th of April, Sunday was such a rush. After some urgent supplies and some time spent here and there, eventually, I could only get out of Payyanur at 12 PM. A couple of days ago, I was planning to go to Coorg, Karnataka on Saturday.

The South Indian Ride – Part 1

Have you ever had that excitement the day before you go on a school/college trip? The one that keeps you awake all night? I was going through one of those on the 13th of April. I was supposed to start on this ride a week

Agasthyarkoodam Trek

After the Trek from Munnar to Kodaikanal, some of us were on the lookout for much bigger challenges. Even if you are living in a state with hundreds of places for sightseeing and whatnot, there are very few (long) treks. Of every trek you could

The Fascinating South India Backpacking

Why Do It Remember how summers used to last forever when we were kids? After we start to grow up, things began to pick up phase, before you knew it four years of your college feels like two years & by the time you are

The 487 Km Ride

My love towards bike started at a very young age. The first bike I ever rode was the Suzuki Samurai, in fact, I learned how to ride on that machine, my teacher being my uncle. Ever since I have been crazy about it and I

The Misty Mountains – The Trek

Ever since we ( Me and Binu, Editor @ Teezonic ) found out that Redraw is coming up with the trek to Kodaikanal from Munnar, we have been super excited. This is the story of that one time, we went for the trek.  Aashin found