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Life Lessons

5 Things I learned from Kung Fu Panda

Kungfu Panda is just not any other animation movie. It was released in 2008, but I saw it only in 2013. Very late, I know. Since then, ‘Po’ is a name that I respect a lot. A name which is so short but taught me

Travelling Solo VS Travelling With Friends

There is a huge difference between travelling solo and travelling with friends. This time, I had 52 classmates with me on a bus with six 1240 watt woofers and three lasers, a bus that we lovingly call ‘The Back Pearl’. It’s driver Joemon, whom we

Two weeks of work and getting paid

I just cant remember what was going on for the last two weeks. I had a hell of a life. 17th, 18th and 19th January 2012 (Thursday to Friday) were the Annual Sports meet of College of Engineering, Chengannur. The whole college was divided into