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Travelling Solo VS Travelling With Friends

There is a huge difference between travelling solo and travelling with friends.

This time, I had 52 classmates with me on a bus with six 1240 watt woofers and three lasers, a bus that we lovingly call ‘The Back Pearl’. It’s driver Joemon, whom we again lovingly call ‘captain’ Jack Sparrow.

There are both good and bad things about travelling with a lot of people.

The Goods.

  • You really don’t need to take care of anything, food, water, accommodation, tickets or anything.
  • It’s fun, Duh… it’s a dance floor on wheels.
  • Getting to know people in deep. You don’t spend all night with your classmates daily, but in a trip, you do.

The bad.

  • As an ambitious traveler, it’s important to me that I get to know the culture and food. Something that will never happen when you travel with buddies.
  • Making new friends is a pain in the a**. Simply because you have plenty around you.
  • Getting to know people in deep. Yes, you read it right. Turns out that all of them are not what they seem to be. Sorry to put that bluntly, but I’m brutally honest.
  • Conflicting suggestions. Especially if the group is huge.
  • Lack of sleep, due to all the woofing.
  • After three days, you feel like you miss home, something that I haven’t felt when I do solos. You feel like you don’t belong.

No matter what the bad stuff are, I say everyone should get to do it. At least once in a lifetime. I can’t say it’s going to be heaven or something, maybe something might even go wrong. But that’s life. It’s worth every penny, every second. Also, writing the blog on the bus when all the people are playing Andakshari is not cool, even if you are sick. #Note-to-self: Go have fun, Joe, have fun.

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