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In Love with Donuts.

Bangalore was a bit different that night. Maybe because all the roller coasters made me think so. I love this city. It’s young, cool, smart, rich and it always grows. A place where you feel you are up for anything.
I thought I hated donuts. Maybe because all the bakery in Chengannur were selling really bad ones. I got to try my first donuts from The Wonderla, Banglore. That too as a treat from my teacher @aswathy. She is one of the coolest ones I have been with.
The next day, we were traveling to Korg, visiting The Golden Temple and Bamboo forest. Also some river rafting.

wonderla with friends. Jyothis Joys' blog
At wonderla. With everyone.

When you get to Kushalnagar, you get a feeling that you are in Tibet. The way most people dress changes and most of the monks were their dress, which I have no idea what they call. The temple, its huge. Inside are three massive statues of which one I recognized as buddha’s. I met a guy named Hitzi who lives there and he told me that they were the people from Tibet who came to Kushalnagar in 1976. It was when the Tibet was given to the Chinese and Indira Gandhi gave them 500 to 700 acres of land. (Not sure of the number)
The land was very dry and almost unsuitable to live and absolutely no one wanted it. But the Tibetans were very hardworking and now they own a lot of industries around the area. Still they live a simple life in the monastery. I also saw a lot of foreigners who stay there in search of peace.

Golden Temple, Koorg, Jyothisjoy's blog
Golden Temple. Koorg
With Hitzi, at Golden Temple. Jyothisjoys blog.
With Hitzi, at Golden Temple.


After visiting Bamboo forest and having lunch, we went river rafting. It wasn’t as adventurous as I expected. Uh… Lets cut the crap, it was bullshit, from a normal ‘rafting’ point of view. We rode through a very calm river, half a kilometer uphill, threw everyone in the middle of the river, they played there for some time. I mean, how come it even come close to the idea of rafting, except for the raft? I was looking for the violence of the water, and they gave me nothing but the cold calm misery.

But there is no stopping me. I intend to go back, have a good goddamn rafting. Period.

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