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Last September I took a huge vacation that not much people came to know about. It was during the Onam Vacation and I wasn’t at home for the whole week.
Thinking why I am writing about it now? Simply because I am fed up of writing huge articles, that even me tend to skip lines or even paragraphs. I thought of writing the things that I can remember without a blog.

Instead of going straight to Goa, I made a stop at my best friend @Anjali’s place, Payannur. The ride that day was awesome. I took a bus from Perumbavoor to Thrissur, then Thrissur to Kozhikode, Kozhikode to Kannur and lastly Kannur to Payannur. Crazy night. I didn’t sleep even a bit. But the best part, I had a nice chat with the driver in the bus from Thrissur to Kozhikode.

I reached @Anjali’s place by 10 AM. I was very tired. I spent all day with her. She made biriyani for me. And even gave me my long forgotten Birthday present. 😀 Nice people are hard to find, really. Lucky me.
At 7 PM I left to Goa. The Konkan rail was so scenic, even at night, There were a lot of tunnels, really long ones.

Next day morning I was standing in front of the Madgaon Railway Station with a couple of other people whom I met in the train. We were looking for a bus to Panaji. And we were lucky to get a taxi for 100 per head. That was 20 km and just 100 bucks. I love goa!
I was staying with my dearest buddy @gauthambabu. He was an intern at the Hyatt hotel.

I made some mistakes which I regret now.

  • Firstly, I slept the whole first day. I was very tired.
  • Secondly, I waited for @gautham to get out of his shift to get around the place.
  • Third, I should have been less lazy to go around. Something was pulling me back to myself. I felt too small in the vastness of Goa.

But I had some good and some awkward moments at Goa. We prepared our own food. We made rice and fish fry, and then another day chicken fry. Of course, we have very experienced cooks. And no, I didn’t cook.

I visited the Bhaga beach, very well known for its nightlife. There is no feeling where you can enjoy a rain in the beach while sippin’ beer.

Bhaga Beach

I met two guys from England who are travelling India. They went to Mumbai and were on their way to Banglore.

Next was the Lighthouse. Really amazing how a 500 W bulb can illuminate the sea so bright. I happened to see it just because I got there late. They were about to close, but the officer was kind enough to let me go in.

I left Goa after a few days. On my way to the railway station, when I was in the bus, I met this really cool girl. It’s unfortunate that I don’t remember her name. Her name was even unique. My stupid brain. She is an M.Com student at Goa University. Now the best part, she has a teacher who is from Kerala. And they celebrated Onam that day. We talked for an hour or more. She told me about Goa, about the crazy things that she did that day, like ‘the’ Pookalam. Also about their plans to visit Kerala. She seemed to be really excited. Right now, I feel stupid not to get her contact. She was so cool, wish I was her friend.  Don’t get any ideas, you naughty! 😛
I stayed at Mangalore for a day too, did some shopping. Old times sake.

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