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The Misty Mountains – Kaizen

I felt a chill through my spine the moment I stepped my foot on Munnar. It was so damn cold. My hands were frozen. I couldn’t feel my finger tips. The cold breeze was feeding my body with numbness. The valley was misty. And I was breathing out white smoke.
The birds were chirping and tweeting. I was sitting alone in front of College of Engineering, Munnar. And a very pretty bird thought of giving me a company. The college building is exactly the same as I remember. But the view from it seems to be much greener. There were those shrubs at the side of the road, which had a ton leaflets and they were shining yellow in the morning sun. Some students had classes at 7.30 in the morning, my friend Aasha included. I have no idea how these people manage to wake up so early even when it’s this cold in the morning.
I have immense love for Kaizen. It’s a huge chunk of time in my life where I learned more stuff than any other event. It’s where a lot of my thoughts were broken and new thoughts invented, and exactly a year before. And now I am sitting beneath one of the three trees in front of the college where I almost fell in love. 😉 don’t ask who, I’m not gonna tell.
It’s said that an event starts when the first participants leave his home. Well, Kaizen started yesterday. CEM is calm now, so was Kaizen, like it’s waking up in the morning, to a very active, vibrant and sunny day.

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