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Hyderabad Diaries.

Solo Train Journeys are fun. In its own way. You get to see people, talk with them, learn about them, which is pretty cool.
I saw this guy at Aluwye railway station, he is a Malayali settled in Madhya Pradesh. The guy got jute business. Great story. He was in a high priority train when he lost his purse and mobile through the window. He got down at the next station and he lost a day and his purse and phone. We talked for a few minutes. I told him my side too. That I was going to Hyderabad for a vacation.
Why Hyderabad? Good question. Been a month or more, everyone I know is either hitting Bangalore or Hyderabad. I saw awesome pics on Instagram and Facebook on some amazing places to eat in Hyderabad. And I jumped on a train the first chance I got.
Three things about travelling in trains in India.

  1. Keep your assets close.
  2. Keep your water bottle closer.
  3. Keep your common sense closest.

You don’t keep your valuable close, there is a good chance that you are not gonna get it back. I met this two people, who were on their way to Guntur in Telangana. We happened to observe a guy who was going to and fro trying to ‘sketch’ us. After an hour when the train reached Coimbatore, he sat on our space while two of my friends were out, looking in through the window at him. After 5 Mins, I stopped watching ‘House’, took off my headphones and we all three suddenly started stared at him. I bet he smelled that we were on to him. He fled in a few mins. Huh! Thanks to those guys for observing him.

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I had an “okay.. okay..” train ride, anyhow, I reached Hyderabad at 12.00 noon. Calling the cab was an issue because of the language. They never understood English, My Hindi was bad, so was theirs. I checked in at my friend Amal’s place at 1.00 PM. My another friend Jishnu was waiting for me at the road. About what the things I did there is one for another one.

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