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An Open Letter to Chengannur

Dear Chengannur,
I heard about you just 4 months ago. But now when I am writing this, I know that you will be part of my life for the next four years and beyond.
As a curious little guy, I expect a lot from you. You are supposed to teach me the reality of life. I remember, I saw your beauty for the first time when my friend showed me your picture. I have never discovered it myself but I am sure I will, one day or other. There are lots of unexpected things that happened with me over the years, both good n bad. So I don’t know what one day will bring to us. I am just looking foreword.
I already have a crush on you. Because your people are so lovable and helpful.
I have got just one request.
“GiVe Me My LiFeS’ BeSt YeArS”
Looking foreword,
with lots n lots of love,


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