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College, Big Boy, huh?

88% in CBSE exams where not enough for me to secure good rank in the Common Entrance Exam. I scored 9011 N’ left my mom and other teachers unhappy. Also I was sure that I screwed my AIEEE n’ IIT-JEE. 88 was nothing in a class where there were two 96s.

After months of holidays and weeks of allotment  n’ procedures, i ended up in College Of Engineering, Chengannur, Alapuzza, Kerala for Electronics n’ Communication Engineering(ECE). Chengannur was about 110 kms away from my home, obviously i have to stay in a hostel. Indeed I am happy about that. I always wanted to be lonely n’ independent.I went to the college for admission (the procedures took the whole day) on 7th August 2012. The first day left a good impression. In fact I fell in love with my new college. I met a friend of mine who there – Meera Krishna (3rd year, CSE, CEC), who is actually my friend Nayanas’ cosin. That day I decided to be part IEEE n’ a college forum called “Product Design and Development Centre”( PRODDEC ).
 The classes started on 22nd August 2012, Wednesday. which was actually orientation classes which was meant for both parents and students. I was in a formal dress, unlike others. Ofcourse my concept of formal dress is different from others. The T-Shirt that I was wearing said ‘Teachers call it copying but we call it teamwork’. Although our Principal, Prof.(Dr.) V P Devassia gave a long speech (two n’ a half hrs.), I really liked him mainly because of his simplicity and sincierity. Neither did he lied to us nor did he boasted about the college. He said the truth, irrespective of its nature – Good o’ Bad.The Second day was not as bad as i thought.. I had a good time with our HOD, Prof. Jyothiraj. He taught us what exactly engineering is, n’ what it takes to be a ‘smart ass’ engineer. And what was their duty in the society. When he asked for the definition of engineering, the guy next to me googled!! N’ the prof. didnt disagree. later he gave us a definition.The simplest definition of engineering is simple as it sounds. “its the application of mathematics”. What I concluded from the interaction was much more simple than the definition of engineering. – “An engineer is ‘THE’ MAN who invents stuffs to make people more n more lazy”.Anyway, I felt like I was destined for this college. It has everything I need – Not more, Not less.
Then came Onam Holidays. N’ right now I am looking forward for one thing – The CEC SUMMIT ‘012. Our colleges’ tech fest. which is actually the first in my life. YAY!! 13, 14, 15 September 2012 – The Summit.


View Larger Map On 29th September 2012 the CECians gave a face-melting flash mob for the promotion of CEC SUMMIT 2012 at the Obreon Mall, Cochin. This vedio appeared in the YouTube yesterday.

Aye Pista
Kummuladi Pista
Kummuladi Pista
Ata OOta Eeya
Ding Dong Bell
Ding Dong Bell
Ta Tara Ta
Ta Ta Ta
Eya OOva CEC

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