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Music Is Life!


As long as I know, I have been a slave to Rhythms. And I remember, during those times when I was in high school, to concentrate in studies most of us wanted to listen to something. And it also included those times in your teens when there wasn’t a playlist which didn’t had a Linkin Park song.

Over the years, I have seen huge shifts in the types of song that I listened. I don’t know if it happens with everyone, but I think so… Well, until I was in 7th or 8th, I don’t remember of any particular songs that I liked so much. But by 8th, Rock and Metals were something I loved to listen. And since I had a crush on a friend of mine, some good love songs were in my heart too. Most of those were either Malayalam, Tamil or Hindi. Let me try to remember, uh.. yeah.. The song by Athif Aslam which made him so popular, Woh Lamhe Woh bateen. I bet you know the song if you are an Indian. And how can I forget the songs by A R Rahman from the 90s, like Roja. And also a Tamil song that I liked a lot – Kankal Irandal. Although, I had no Mp3 players or a mobile, either I had to listen to the CDs or my computer. And obviously Linkin Park, its one band which I used to forget my crush. Although I don’t remember that happening to me, I know it did.

In high school, Linkin Park was forgotten and death metals and raps came in, there was a time when Eminem was really a rap god for me, until I heard the old Malayalam song – Padakalli. from the film Yodha. I bet Eminem can never sing that. Plus again the extras, some good hits which hounded me all the time like Teri Meri from the Hindi film BodyGaurd, Kanamullal from a Malayalam movie Salt N’ Pepper and all songs from the Hindi movie Rock Star. And I had to borrow my dad’s phone to listen to songs and I remember hearing them in full volume.
And it was after high school, I got my hTc Explorer AKA Pico, and it gave me the rhythmic freedom, music anywhere I want. But these days, I wish I wasn’t listening to a lot of songs. I mean, after sometime, no matter how good the song is, it kinda feels boring. And for now, I have run outta new favs.

And in college, the storage started to become a problem because my desktop only had 80Gbs of space and my songs went over 30Gbs, after getting a laptop, things are better. Anyways during the first year, when I was down cuz of lot of reasons, I was dug deep into heart break bands and sad songs which included the Smiths and a lot of other Indian stuff. Its funny when I think of it now. But after those bad negative times, something revolutionary happened with me, I started to listen to songs that touched my heart like,

  • The Scientist by Cold Play
  • Let her Go – The Passenger
  • Broken – Seether and Amy Lee
  • The long road by Eddie Vedder and Nursath Fateh ALi Khan – Download Original here
  • I wont give it up on us by Jason Mraz
  • Summer of 69 by Brain Adams (my fav since 2012)
  • Asleep – The Smiths – Download Original here
  • Pearly Dewdrops Drop by Cocteau Twins
  • Spirit Bird by Xavier Redd
  •  Big Jet Plane by Angus and Julia Stone
  • Youth – Daughter
  • Welcome home – Radical Face Cover White note – Download here
  • Borderline – Saturday Sun
  • The High Road – Broken Bells – Download here
  • And a lot more


Since I told about some of my favs, its time for the name of my playlists

  • Don’t break anything – Contains all the Remixes and DJ Mixdowns
  • Everything I got in my Pocket – Every song in my phone except metals and DJs
  • Into God – Some devotional songs that I love
  • Lost somewhere in self Revolution – Its some songs that boils my blood. These songs have the power to take me outta of ‘bad state of mind’ (Ever heard – The Spirit Bird?)
  • Path of Psychic Death – Death Metals
  • Sunshine and Cocktails – Travel Songs
  • The Indian Mixdown – Remake songs and covers which appear in the Indian television like Music Mojo in KAPPA TV and Coke Studio in MTV also some you tube channels like The Sruthi Box
  • Watching New Snow Flakes – Some new songs that I just got now (its the most dynamic playlist of all, songs changes all the time. Bad ones go into the bin and others into other playlists)
  • Broken Memories – Its a very tricky playlist. Its new in the family, these contains songs which remind me of something, an incident in past or someone.

By the way, if you have any awesome, strange or interesting playlists do leave a comment.
Also, a great thanks to my dear friend Yana Kirakovskaya who is so away from me but was kind enough to suggest me a lot of songs which turned out to be some of my favorites.

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