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People are Hypocrites

First they ask you to dream, but no matter what you dream yours will be crushed to make sure you live theirs.

They ask you to be different, and then they put you in a school where everyone wears the same uniform.

They tell you that people got different tastes and talents but they use the same method to rate us all – Marks!

Then they tell you that 10th std is the most important in life and nothing is important than that, and you realize that its not when you know what an entrance exam is.

Now they tell you that 12th is the most important and not 10th, and you wonder why they lie so much.

And many may ask you what you want to be. Mistake not there are only two answers – Doctor or Engineer. And if you answer anything else then its a joke.

And then they tell you “take a degree and then you can do whatever you want in your life” You accept it even when you know its a lie.

When you are in an engineering college, they tell you that you are gonna learn Electronics or Computer or Civil, but you end up spending 1 year of your precious youth welding, filing and cutting wood.

Then they tell you that the subjects are important. But you learn stuff that was used in the 80s.

They ask you to attend placements since you have the responsibility of your family in your shoulders. And you take a job in an MNC to satisfy your parents. The commitment towards your family blinds you.

Now you work in the MNC as a slave, and everyone related to you brag about you. but only you know how it is to be you.

They then ask you to marry someone, cuz after all family is the most important in life. And you wonder, “what happened to 10th standard?” Inside, in your heart you feel like somethings missing.

And now you are in your death bed, and you know what that missing thingy was, it took you years but you have finally figured it out – Freedom! The only thing that you think now is just this. “What if I wasn’t listening to my parents, teachers, friends, relatives, the aunty next door, that uncle in the local store, that bloody society that you owe nothing?” You already know the answer, “I might have been the most happiest man in the world”. No matter how much you try to forget this in your last minute, the only feeling that you have is regret.
Thanks for reading, some might think its bullshit. But I believe the rest knows how it is to be in a rat race. But you have decided to do nothing about it right? Now repeat after me, “Im free!”

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