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The gratitude Stone.

I must say that this Onam was awesome. Firstly because I wasn’t home at all! I traveled to Goa and Mangalore. Alone. And from the bhaga beech i picked up two black stones. My Urimm and Thummim.

urim and thummim Black one turned out to be my gratitude stone.


Well, it was a paper weight till last week, when i figured out that there is a better use for that.
Have you guys seen that documentary ‘The Secrets‘? Yeah, the one made from the bestseller by Rhonda Byrne. There is this awesome idea that i grabbed from it – The gratitude stone.

Now, before I go to college or outside, I pick my gratitude stone along with the other things. And every time i pick it up and keep it back, I thank god for the things that I have in my life. It kinda reminds me how much lucky I am. And after sometime you are gonna realize the height of help you have got in your life. And then, you will be surprised and thankful for those little things in life that you forget to thank. And it feels so good.

And recently, I have found out some really wired stuff. Like, these days I sleep on the floor on a mat. Some days back, I was forced to sleep on the floor by a pack of Oreo, yeah, Oreo. I ate it all and then there were ants on my bed. That was the only time I had a bit of hatred towards the cookie. But by next morning, I loved sleeping on the floor. In the morning or rather say, in the afternoon when i wake up, i was very satisfied and I still continue doing it. But then if you are still ask me about the ‘satisfaction’ side, well, I felt more close and down to earth. And it is a nice feeling. Now my beds’ more like a dumb for the books that i never use.
You know what I think, I think that you should try it. Its awesome. Its like getting spiritually high. But hey, I am no saint.

P.S :: I have a stone remaining, you want it? Like I said to a friend i met at Goa, ‘At times in life, all you need to do is ask.’ So, do comment.

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