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Revolution 2020

I just finished reading the novel, ‘Revolution 2020‘ by Chethan Bhagath. It’s the story of 3 friends – Raghav, Gopal and Aarthi. As usual the author has put it with a triangular love story, the IITs and the great Indian education race. Infact, its true that I can’t keep his novels down.
But I found this story more closer to my life than others. In my knowledge there is no other story which describes rat race the right way, except, may be the film – ‘500 days of summer and a day of Autumn’. Also the characters Gopal and Raghav reflect some good and bad parts of me… ( I don’t think its right to use ‘good’ and ‘bad’, its all prospectives)


When I aired ‘Joes Faux Pax’ I didn’t know what I was doing. Seriously, I was experimenting. Look at my first few post, It’s embarrassing that I even made up a acronym for ‘SMILE’. Then, after 2 or 3 weeks, it caught me. How cool it would be to reach the whole world? I can express myself to this world, what ever I wane to, whatever I know…
For the first time I smelled freedom in the air. First time! I tasted it during my holidays, when I really started to blog. Joes faux pax became my personal blog. Now who saw that coming? It was intimidating in the beginning. (what is not?) I was scared for sometime. I never knew how people would take it. But later, I got hang of it. It became an idea, a thought and later an obsession.
Now, I have been talking about freedom. But did you get point? Did you feel that ‘freedom’ when I said that? I bet you didn’t, unless you are a blogger or an entrepreneur or someone who is not sure of anything in life. That’s right! You heard me, unless you are sure of nothing in life.
From my own experience, the things including blogging, that I often stumbled on to showed me the truth. I stumbled on em ‘cuz I followed my intuition. One of those truth – ‘We all are in a rat race, me, you, every one of us is tied on to that frame work on which this society is built. It makes us perfect, at the cost of our freedom.’
Lately, I was forced to accept some mean truths. One of them is that ‘I’m a really insane person’ .;-) and another ‘Ambitions are part of rat race too… What it really matters is passion’. Think about it, have you ever asked a kid what his passion is? You have always asked about his/her ambition, right? Ambition is more like what you ‘want’ but passion is what you ‘need’. Get it?
Let me put in something else which is similar, ‘You are not supposed to do anything, you do it cuz you love to’ Simple enough?
Ambition has goals, a point on which we focus. It divides life at that point. But passion is continuous. Life is continuous too. It’s not divided into first half, second half n all..  so I believe ambition is totally made up f**kin thing!
It’s also a trap. It puts you in real trouble. What after your goal? What’s after that? Destiny is a similar thing. This is the entry point of the main villain, – ‘settling down’. In one way, your life ended there. That’s why I’m saying luck, destiny and ambition are crap.
But another stupid truth is that most people are aware of this. But no one takes the risk, a shot at it. Even if you screw up, I believe god always gives us a second chance in life. All of us are scared. Scared of freedom. People who gain everything in life has always risked it all. Now this is one explanation why we don’t have much millionaires around us. People want to be sure of their life and future.

Now, that’s one man’s opinion, let me know yours..

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