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Why I find coding awesome

I have seen some people out here in my college, looking at me with an awe. I often hear the questions, “How did you get so good at programming?” or “How come you be so awesome with computers?”. But half of them turns out to be sarcastic often referring to ‘Why are you this geeky?’ Well, I tend to avoid that half.
Its not about being a geek or nerd or whatever you call it, Its all about that thrill in making something on your own, where you get to decide what you should make and how you should do it. You sometimes feel like a little god. (@God : No offence, you are awesome!!, in-comparable) But again it’s not just about that, I sometimes feel like when I do something on my own, I am shouting at this stupid education system out here.
When you code, you get to think. You can let your imagination go off your head. But in schools and colleges you have to study stuffs as they say, they just don’t let us think in our own way. What is the difference between machines and humans if we can’t think and make our own decision?
Another reason why I love it? Its fun! Its not much different from dancing or playing an Instrument. You have to take it out of your heart, plus you need a mountain of dedication.
After 12years in school and an year in college, if you ask me what I have gained, the only answer is, ‘7 languages’. I am learning my 8th, Ruby right now.
And the answer to those sarcastic people, ‘I am NOT a geek! I just believe in ideas and creativity. And I love to think!’ Proof that I’m not geek? Scroll down this blog, and read the Poems that I have written. I assume geeks don’t write poems, Do they?

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