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15, 16, 17, 18,… 19!

Hey people, has been a while. Sorry, I was busy with the exams n’ all. Between came my birthday. I didn’t know that it was awesome to count down to your Birthday. Just like you do for the New Year Eve. And I played the song – “Happy Birthday”.
After 12.30 AM, I started to read ‘The Manual of the Warrior of Light’ by Paulo Choelo. I couldn’t just keep it down. I finished reading it by 4.30. Then slept.
Not much calls came to me that day except my best Buddie’s and family’s and some relatives. As compared to last year, there wasn’t much calls n wishes basically cuz i purposely turned off the Birthday notification in face book.
Basically,  22nd June 2013 was just another day. Not much to talk about. But I loved the day, it was one of the best in 2013. In fact, the whole June was the best in 2013. Things came to me, I lived my life really well.
A month back or so, I just really understood what is meant by ‘Living in the moment’. June was the month in which i really did. In fact, the decision I took on my Birthday is the most important in my life. Which goes something like this,

“I am gonna live my life, and Living = Enjoying. Even if its a bad thing happening to me, I would accept it with love.”

Now, wish me Happy Birthday!!

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