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Bye 2012, I had an awesome time with you!

Now, less than an hour into New Year, its raining here… Raining hard!
Unlike all the years, 2012 is really, oh.. sorry, ‘was’ really important to me, Its the year in which I have studied in both school and college..
The start of 2012 was a new beginning to me, new resolution, new stuffs to hope for.. First few months was crap, in other words studies, trying hard to leave school. I was like ‘Damn! when will this thing be over?’ And I was counting days to the end of March to break out!
Then 2012 brought me the most greatest feeling in the universe.. I fell in love! I soon realised that it was nothing but an infatuation. N’ I lost it in the same year. Amen.. 😛
My first post in this blog was on March 30, 2012. I got out of the school, officially in May. Life looked harder this year. I realised new things… And for the first time in my whole life, I just began to miss my friends. I had my first exams in college, sleepless nights I got a feeling of being in college after that. Christmas carol, rocking as usual, went for an outing with friends on 27th December 2012.
And more over, I just knew what the destiny of life is. Like everyone, I used to think that it was just becoming what you want to be, doing something awesome and all.. But then, it was not that. The destiny of life is to become happy. As simple as that. But when I thought of my life, when I rewind everything, I just came to know that, I have never been happy the whole time, not even a bit. I looked like a sick, unhappy dip shit!! You wont be able to follow me until you realise what I mean with being happy.
My life seems to be empty! And this new year, I have new plans, what I must do, and how I should live… Welcome 2013

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