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Why I’m in Love with Rain…

My onam holidays started on Thursday. So on Friday I went to my Aunts house, in Varapuzza. My uncle got a sweet shop in the town. It was the day before Onam. And I found myself on my way to the shop at morning 6.00AM. I went with my cousin’s cycle.

I was welcomed by the thick mist. It was something I didn’t expect. It was cold n’ I loved that kinda weather. Within seconds after hitting the roads, i sensed some small drops in my hands and everywhere.. You can’t call it rain drops… It’s super tiny drops. Some times you won’t even realize that it’s dripping… After some seconds, the drop increased in size and in no time it started hissing… shshsss… I love it!!

The happiness it gives to me, its as if I’m in heaven The thing is, we both (me n’ the rain) have been in love for the last one year. Every time I go out she is there… Finally, during University Exams, my roomies asked me not to go out with them to have dinner. The reason – It almost rained every time I go out. It was then i started to notice the ‘thingy’ between me n’ my dear rain.

I realized how beautiful she was, about an year back on my Birthday. 22nd June 2012. I was dealing with the biggest crisis of my life. I was depressed and used to look like an opium addict. I never cared to share my pain with anyone as I loved solidarity. The only person whom I shared things was nature. That day I went out for a night ride. I sat in the middle of the fields at night 1.00AM. And then it rained. It rained heavy. My mom said that it rained heavy exactly 18 years before this incident, which is the day i was born. Rain makes us forget our troubles. It always does with me. I sat in the rain for sometime there till it stopped. And then the stars came up in the sky again. Boy! That was my re-birth. I understood that i wasn’t living the life that a normal human should live and a fact that i too was part of the Rat-Race frame work.

The lessons that I learned that day,

  • Life is tiny, last for a really small time, so take the maximum out of it. Enjoy Life.
  • The stars and the whole sky seemed to be extremely beautiful, the pleasure it give is immense. Discover more, for that, travel.
  • Never regret for things that happened in your life, for you always learn something.
  • Never destroy your time for people who never care for you, its not worth it.
  • Live for the ones who love you. And love the ones who live for you.
  • If you got an opportunity and if your intuition tells you to go for it, then never think twice, just take it.
  • Never be afraid or ashamed of you being you.
  • If you wanna be crazy, be crazy cuz’ life is just one.
  • Quoting Eminem –

    Never let anyone tell you that you ain’t beautiful.

  • Never live as a result of someone else’s thought. Be what you want to be. And be what makes you happy.
  • The only thing that is important in life is happiness.

There are more, but I don’t remember everything. That day was one of the most important of all. The day I stopped surviving. The day I started living.

God is in rain

– From V for Vendetta

God is in rain, trust me, I have seen him Jyothis joy
God is in rain, trust me, I have seen him

PS. I was dripping wet when I reached my uncles shop.

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